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This assignment for the Boy’s Scouts of America, was a lot of fun.  We spent a few days hiking the Maine Huts Trails, and canoeing across lakes.  The huts were luxurious compared to the leaky tents I used to camp out in as a kid!

I’ve been documenting the experience of flying a paraglider over dramatic landscapes for low altitude perspectives.  This photo featured in the December issue of Men’s Journal, was by far the most incredible flight I’ve been on.  I was in Canada shooting a winter kite-sailing competition, where I discovered this remote lighthouse frozen into the St. Lawrence River.  

mensjournal mensjournalppg

Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.   Paragliding 200 feet above the St. Lawrence River, Michael Eudenbach looks down at ice floes broken by tankers pulling in and out of a shipping channel near Trois-Rivieres, 84 miles northeast of Montreal.  “The ice is three to four feet thick,” says the photographer, 38, who fastened a camera to the gliders wing and used a remote trigger for this shot.  “It’s stable enough to hike out to the lighthouse (top left), which is surrounded by water all summer.”  From December till March, kite- and windsurfers congregate to take advantage of the thick ice and high winds.  The biggest challenge is the temperature, says Eudenbach.  “At 15 degrees I could fly for only 20 minutes before I got too damn cold.”   – Dacus Thompson / Men’s Journal / December 2008