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This assignment for the Boy’s Scouts of America, was a lot of fun.  We spent a few days hiking the Maine Huts Trails, and canoeing across lakes.  The huts were luxurious compared to the leaky tents I used to camp out in as a kid!


I’m happy to be part of the  2010 Artists for Save the Bay exhibition, in Providence RI on Thursday, November 18th.

Save the Bay is my all time favorite organization, since I can remember the days when Narragansett Bay was polluted beyond belief, but is now clean enough to swim in and survive.  So, come on by 100 Save the Bay Drive in Providence RI and Buy Art and continue to “save the bay”.

November 18th   5:30 – 7:30 at 100 Save the Bay Drive in Providence, RI

Link to “Artist for Save the Bay” show:  Save The Bay

These are the pieces I’ll have on the wall for sale as framed limited edition prints:

I’m excited to be involved with a new website project that helps aspiring photographers improve their skills through personalized feedback from master photographers.  It’s called Photo Synesi.  (Synesi is Greek for wisdom).

Aspiring photographers go onto the site, select a professional photographer who’s work they admire, then upload a portfolio of images for review.  Both written and audio feedback is given on the body of work and best individual images, so the student photographers can learn what their strengths are to keep focusing on, and what their weaknesses are to improve upon.   Different levels of feedback are available, and overall it’s a great way for students of photography to have working pros see and critique their work from anywhere in the world.

Michael Eudenbach | Photo Synesi


I spent a few days on the Cape Cod Rail Trail last Fall, which is a beautiful bike path running most of Cape Cod, built using an out of commission train route.  I rigged up panniers on my road bike to carry my camera, lenses, and lunch, the hit the trail to photograph, which was a lot of fun.  The current Fall issue of Rails to Trails magazine is running the photo feature.