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Michael Eudenbach paragliding over the beach on Martha’s Vineyard.


This spread is currently on the news stands in the October issue of Men’s Fitness magazine, to feature paragliding as a “sport for adrenaline junkies”.  It’s a great platform to shoot from, and as Jeff Goin, president of the US Powered Paragliding Association says, “It’s probably the closest thing to bird flight.”

I shot this photo using a custom camera mount suspended from the paraglider lines just beneath the wing.  It had to be light yet durable to withstand take-offs and landings.  Flying over water can be risky, so to stay safe I always make sure I’m within gliding distance to the beach, in case the motor quits.  Look for more of these types of images that I’ve got out there… since shooting from a paraglider is so much fun!